The cutest hand-picked collection of amigurumi patterns has the cutest collection of carefully selected amigurumi patterns of different skill levels.
You can find bears, bunnies and dragons patterns, as well as other cute amigurumi patterns and toy accessories, all of them for free!

Most Popular Amigurumi Patterns

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How to crochet a cute tiny bow

Looking for a tiny bow crochet pattern? You’re in the right place! Each toy can be decorated in multiple ways. One of the easiest decoration is a tiny bow. It can be attached on the seam between the head and the body, on the head on the left or right side, or maybe both sides, …

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Amigurumi plush sheep crochet pattern

We are not usually friends with sheep, but I am pretty sure you will love this adorable amigurumi plush sheep. Checkout the amigurumi plush sheep crochet pattern we’ve prepared for you! It is one of the cutest along with this teddy bear. Am I right? Crocheting with plush yarn is very easy and the toy …

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Free Teddy Bear crochet pattern

Here is another teddy bear crochet pattern that completes our collection of amigurumi patterns. All you need to create this toy is a crochet, some yarn, some fiberfill to stuff the toy and of course patience, because it is a pretty big toy comparing to other teddy bear patterns from our collection. Designed by: Julia …

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Small bunny free crochet pattern

In this post we are presenting you amigurumi bunny crochet pattern – the most adorable crocheted amigurumi tiny bunny. There will always be someone that asks you to crochet just one more bunny, because it is indeed nice even if it’s so small. Source: Translated by Materials: Yarn: YarnArt Jeans or Alize Cotton …
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