The cutest hand-picked collection of amigurumi patterns has the cutest collection of carefully selected amigurumi patterns of different skill levels.
You can find bears, bunnies and dragons patterns, as well as other cute amigurumi patterns and toy accessories, all of them for free!

Most Popular Amigurumi Patterns

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Butterfly crochet pattern

Checkout this beginner friendly butterfly crochet pattern designed by @a_igruami. You can use it as a keychain or as a decoration, or maybe a small gift for a close friend. You can use any yarn color, decorate your whole room with these cute butterflies! Good luck and happy crocheting! Designed by @a_igruami Translated by Materials: Yarn: …

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Dress crochet pattern for toys

Here’s a wonderful dress crochet pattern for the toys designed by @happiness_by_kris. If you are looking for an elegant and beautiful dress for your kitten, elephant, teddy, bunny or any other toy, try following this easy dress crochet pattern. You can use any yarn color, but I recommend a soft color like Alize Cotton Gold …

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Free elephant crochet pattern

Meet our newest friend – the elephant in pants crocheted following the free elephant crochet pattern designed by @rena_toys.  An elephant can be the perfect gift for a child. It will make them curious to find out more about the elephants – the largest land animal which communicates through vibrations and they have great memory! …

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Free dragon crochet pattern

Learn how to crochet toys by following this free dragon crochet pattern. This dragon could be the perfect gift for a baby boy born in 2024 or anyone else who is a fan of dragons or dinosaurs. Why do kids love dragons? Because they are mythical creatures full of secrets yet to be discovered, they …

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Jellyfish crochet pattern

Check out this jellyfish crochet pattern with many interesting tentacles which require a bit of your patience, but the result is worth all the time you’ll spend crocheting this jellyfish. Interesting fact about jellyfish is that they have drifted along on ocean currents for millions of years, even before dinosaurs lived on the Earth. They …

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Valentine Kitten crochet pattern

February is about LOVE, this is why we’ve decided to search for Valentine’s Day crochet patterns a little bit earlier. We’ve found this Valentine Kitten crochet pattern designed by @cutiemestore and please believe us when we tell you that the result is adorable. Designed by @cutiemestore Materials: Yarn: YarnArt Jeans or Alize Cotton Gold (red color …

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Baby Groot crochet pattern

We all love baby Groot for being cute and funny, this is why we had to add to our collection this baby Groot crochet pattern. It is easy to crochet and the result is just lovely. Don’t believe us? Then do it yourself! Designed by @crochet_paladin Materials: Yarn: YarnArt Jeans or Alize Cotton Gold (brown color …

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Valentine’s Day Kitten crochet pattern

We present you the cutest Valentine’s Day Kitten crochet pattern with a small pink heart in it’s hands. Valentine’s Day is one more special occasion to show to your loved one how much you care, this is why you should make for them an original gift – handmade toy crocheted by You. Get comfy and …
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