Top best amigurumi patterns of 2023

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Top best amigurumi patterns of 2023

Last year was full of new experiences for me. I’ve tried multiple new patterns and many of them are worth trying for sure. This is why I’ve decided to create a list of Top best amigurumi patterns of 2023.

Some of them you can find here on (and are absolutely free, so don’t forget to mention the pattern author when sharing your finished toys on social media), others are premium patterns I bought on Etsy or Boosty. I will leave a short review of the pattern, photo of the finished toy and link to the pattern.

1. Small dragon by @a_igruami

My latest find was a small dragon designed by @a_igruami. I enjoyed crocheting it multiple times in different colors. The result is just so adorable, I am pretty sure you will like it too.

Why you should try this pattern? Because 2024 is the year of Dragon based on Chinese zodiac. It’s the year of wood dragon starting from February 10, 2024 to January 25, 2025. The Dragon enjoys a very high reputation in Chinese culture and represents authority and imperial power. Also, it represents good luck, strength and health. The dragon is unique because it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Here are a few photos of my finished baby dragons:

Crocheted dragons

This is a free pattern, by the author also has a premium bigger version of this dragon which you can find on her Boosty account.

2. Dragon by @lesytoys

Another dragon which I’ve found during 2023 is much bigger than the previous one. The author also provided a free pattern of a dress for the toy. This pattern is so popular that many other amigurumi designers created some complementary pieces for the toy, for example a tail (@zaharyonok_rnd or @svyazannye_istorii.nn), a pair of horns (@gold_kids_krd), also on @lesytoys‘ account you can find even a dragon baby rattle free crochet pattern.

Crocheted dragons

3. Elephants by @happiness_by_kris

In 2023 I’ve discovered an amazing pattern designer, her name is Kristina and she has one of the most beautiful Instagram account. Her creations are adorable and the patterns (both premium and free) are very well written and each step is explained in so many details. You cand find the premium patterns on her Boosty account and her free patterns on our website or on her Instagram account (@happiness_by_kris).

Crocheted elephant and baby rattle

4. Sheep by @tutitastejedoras

In September 2023 I was looking for a sheep amigurumi pattern, it took me a lot of time until I’ve found one that met all my requirements. I’ve found it on Etsy (yes, this one is a Premium pattern, but it’s a great one). The pattern is designed by @tutitastejedoras and here is her Etsy shop. Paid for this pattern US$7.14 (with shop discount). The finished toy is amazing, especially the one crocheted with Nako Paris pink yarn (for the fur).

Crocheted sheep

5. Cats pattern by @happiness_by_kris

Another adorable crocheted toy by Kristina. Her talent has no limits. Both cat and cat baby rattle patterns are Premium and can be found on her Boosty account. Cat pattern includes lots of notes, explanations and most important instructions for clothes for the toy.

If you will like her patterns as much as I do, then I recommend you to follow her Instagram account and pay attention to her posts as she usually offers a discount on each new pattern for the first 2 days.

Crocheted cat

6. Penguin by @a_igruami

This penguin made me fall in love really quick. I saw some photos on Instagram and I started to look for the pattern. Finally I’ve found it on @a_igruami‘s account, but it was not free. However, I really liked the finished toy and I decided once again to buy a new pattern. As always, the result turned out really cute and it is important to mention that this is all thanks to the pattern designer who wrote very clear instructions.

Crocheted penguin

That’s it for now. I bought many other patterns in 2023, but I did not test all of them. I hope in 2024 I will test all of them and also find other new FREE amigurumi crochet patterns.

Good luck and happy crocheting!


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