Heart crochet pattern for Valentine’s Day

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Heart crochet pattern

Looking for a heart crochet pattern for Valentine’s Day? You are in the right place!

Valentine’s Day is one more reason to show our endless love to our other half. What could be more meaningful than a handmade gift? By following this heart crochet pattern you will create a very cute and small gift. Want a bigger gift? Crochet a box full of hearts!

Fun fact about Valentine’s Day and heart-shaped gifts:
Approximately 36 million heart-shaped boxes are sold every year on Valentine’s Day. These boxes are used to pack chocolates, gifts and anything that may mean something special.

Now let’s go back to out heart crochet pattern <3

Designed by @mimitoys.kids

Translated by AmigurumiPatterns.me


  • Yarn: YarnArt Jeans or Alize Cotton Gold (pink color or any other color you like)
  • Crochet: 2 – 2.5 mm, depends on how tight you crochet
  • Sewing needle and scissors
  • Fiberfill


  • ch – chain
  • tch – turning chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
  • dec – decrease (single crochet 2 stitches together)
  • sl st – slip stitch

Heart crochet pattern:

This heart is crocheted in turning rows and each row will start with a turning chain (tch).

Chain 5 + 1 turning chain.
1. From the second chain from the hook: 5 sc [5]
2. tch, inc, 3 sc, inc [7]
3. tch, inc, 5 sc, inc [9]
4. tch, inc, 7 sc, inc [11]
5. tch, 10 sc, inc [12]
6. tch, inc, 11 sc [13]
7. tch, dec, 10 sc, inc [13]
8. tch, inc, 10 sc, dec [13]
9. tch, dec, 10 sc, inc [13]
10. tch, inc, 10 sc, dec [13] (This is the middle of the heart)
Now we will start crocheting the second half of the heart.
11. tch, inc, 10 sc, dec [13]
12. tch, dec, 10 sc, inc [13]
13. tch, inc, 10 sc, dec [13]
14. tch, dec, 10 sc, inc [13]
15. tch, 11 sc, dec [12]
16. tch, dec, 10 sc [11]
17. tch, dec, 7 sc, dec [9]
18. tch, dec, 5 sc, dec [7]
19. tch, dec, 3 sc, dec [5]
Cut the yarn.

Crochet one more piece, then we will crochet these two pieces together.

Put the two pieces together, then make sc through both sides.
Don’t forget to stuff the heart with fiberfill.

Next we will decorate our heart by following these steps:
Chain 1, then make a slip stitch in the next loop.
Don’t crochet too tight.

Heart crochet pattern result:

Crochet heart

We hope you enjoyed this super easy heart crochet pattern designed by @mimitoys.kids. Don’t forget to mention her as the author of the pattern when posting your Valentines hearts on social media.

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Good luck and happy crocheting!

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Last modified: February 20, 2024