Top best amigurumi patterns for beginners

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Top best amigurumi patterns for beginners

As a beginner you are probably looking a lot for free patterns to try, that’s why I’ve decided to help you a little and create a list of top best amigurumi patterns for beginners to try which will help you learn a few basic things about amigurumi.

Here are some top best amigurumi patterns for beginners (in my opinion) which I’ve tested and would definitely recommend you to give them a try:

1. Small crocheted heart

It is super easy and will help you learn the basic principles of crocheting a toy (how to connect two pieces together). It does not require a lot of yarn and stuffing and you can use any type of yarn you have in the house.

Small crocheted heart

2. Ice Cream cone 

Another great pattern and the result is great. When crocheting this ice cream you will learn two important things you will use a lot: how to switch between two colors and how to decorate the toy while working in back and front loops only.

Crocheted Ice cream cone

3. Small cute Emoji

It really is small and takes no time to crochet. You can combine it with the small crocheted heart and make a sweet gift for someone important in your life.

Crocheted emoji

4. Little bunny

This one is one of my favorites and also one of the first amigurumi patterns I’ve tried. It is a bit more complicated than the others as you will have to sew multiple pieces together, but still an easy pattern worth trying when you are a beginner.


Crocheted bunny

5. Baby Groot

Cute and funny baby Groot will complete your collection of small amigurumi toys. It is perfect for you if you don’t want to sew a lot. If you don’t have plastic safety eyes you can always embroider the eyes with black yarn.

Crocheted baby Groot

6. Valentine Kitten

One of the best things about this pattern is that you almost don’t have anything to sew! Isn’t this great for a beginner? This kitten has a very long heart-shaped tail. Take a look at the pattern to see how this can be done.

Valentine Kitten

7. Heart with ruffled edges crochet pattern

Another heart, but this one looks much more festive (I think). It has ruffled edges and makes it look so cute! I honestly LOVE it. The pattern is designed by and she was so kind to share it with us for free.

Crochet heart pattern for beginners

That’s it for now, but I promise I will keep adding to this list every time I’ll find and test new patterns worth trying when you’re a beginner and not only!

Happy crocheting!

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Last modified: February 20, 2024