Valentine’s Day free crochet patterns

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Valentine's Day free crochet patterns

Looking for Valentine’s Day free crochet patterns? Here you can find some, like tiny heart crochet pattern, cute cats patterns, emoji crochet pattern!

We hope you will find something to crochet for that one person you love so much!

1. Cute emoji free crochet pattern

Looking for a pattern that won’t take a lot of time? This cute emoji pattern might be that one pattern you need. It is cute and so easy to crochet.

Crocheted emoji

2. Tiny heart crochet pattern

This tiny heart crochet pattern is my favorite one when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I usually crochet them in red or pink color – simply adorable!

Crocheted heart

3. Valentine kitten crochet pattern

This Valentine kitten crochet pattern is one of my recent discoveries. I loved the result so much, that I’ve decided to also crochet it with plush yarn. And guess what, the kittens are so sweet and the plush one is so soft!

Crocheted Valentine kitten

Plush kitten crocheted

4. Valentine cat crochet pattern

Yes! Another cat. This one holds a cute little heart in its paws. It’s like a subtle declaration of love to the person you care about so much.

Crocheted Valentine cat

5. Tiny teddy bear with cute bow pattern

This teddy bear is one of the first crochet patterns I’ve discovered some years ago when I’ve started crocheting toys. It is still one of my favorites. In red color it looks very cute. Give this pattern a try!

Crocheted teddy bear

6. Heart with ruffled edges crochet pattern

Another heart, but this one looks much more festive (I think). It has ruffled edges and makes it look so cute! I honestly LOVE it. The pattern is designed by and she was so kind to share it with us for free.

Crochet heart

We hope you liked our list of Valentine’s Day free crochet patterns. Don’t forget to come back for more free amigurumi crochet patterns!

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Last modified: February 20, 2024